B&W Check Safe Sex (bottom) Safe Sex (top)
Light Blue Gives oral sex Wants oral sex
Robin's Egg Blue 69'er 69'er
Medium Blue Cop sucker Cop
Teal Blue Wants genital torture Genital torturer
Dark Blue Anal sex bottom Anal sex top
Red Fistee Fister
Light Pink Dildo receiver Dildo giver
Dark Pink Tit torturee Tit torturer
Dark Red 2-handed fistee 2-handed fister
Mauve Navel worshipper Wants navel worshippers
Magenta Armpit worshipper Wants armpit worshippers
Purple Wants to be pierced Piercer
Lavender Does drag Wants drag queen
Yellow Piss on me Pisses
Pale Yellow Spit on me Spitter
Mustard Wants 8" + Has 8" +
Gold Looking for 2 or more 2 looking for 1
Orange Nothing right now Anything, anytime
Apricot Chubby chaser Chubby
Coral Foot licker Foot top
Rust Wants cowboy Cowboy
Fuschia Spank me Spanker
Kelly Green Paying for it Hustler
Olive Drab Uniform bottom Uniform top
Hunter Green Daddy's boy Daddy
Lime Green Smear me with food Food top
Beige Rimmer Rimmee
Brown Scat bottom Scat top
Brown Lace Wants uncut Uncut
Brown Satin Wants cut Cut
Black S&M bottom Sir!!
Gray Bondage bottom Bondage top
Charcoal Rubber bottom Rubber top
Gray Flannel Suit chaser Suit
White Masturbates other Masturbate me
Cream Sleaze bottom Sleaze top
Red & White Stripe Shave me Shaver
Black & White Stripe Wants black top Wants black bottom
Brown & White Stripe Wants Latino top Wants Latino bottom
Yellow & White Stripe Wants Oriental top Wants Oriental bottom
White Lace Wants white top Wants white bottom
Paisley Wants boxer shorts Wears boxers
Gold Lame Wants muscle top Wants muscleboy
Leopard Likes tattoos Has tattoos
Tan Likes cigar tops Cigar top
Teddy Bear Cuddlee Cuddler
Dirty Jockstrap Wants one Wears one
Chamois Wants biker Biker
Cocktail Napkin Barfly Bartender
Mosquito Netting Outdoor bottom Outdoor top